15 Jun

The Very Basics of a CV…

Here at Accountancy Elite we see thousands of CVs every year and part of our job is to guide you in portraying the right image to get short listed for an interview.

Preparing your CV

A lot of professionals can make the mistake of believing that there qualifications alone will secure them the position. In some cases this may be true but in the main it is not, especially for the posts which are more highly sought! Your CV is essentially the first impression a potential practice owner will get of you so treat it as so. Make sure you consider the following;

Your CV should consist of a maximum of one page of A4 of all the information that isnt your employment history and the other pages of your previous employments but remember to be effective and concise. Unnecessary extended CVs are rarely a winner!


  • Personal Details
  • Employment History
  • Education and Qualifications
  • Additional Courses / Key CPD Accomplishments
  • Referees/References on Request


  • Make sure your CV is well laid out so that it is immediately easy to read and understand. Leave plenty of white space
  • Use a standard font and font size, do-not use artistic font. As boring as it may be Arial or Times New Roman are probably your best bet.
  • Unless you know it is appropriate for the company, dont use any fancy designs or fancy paper.


  • Focus on information which is relevant to your own career goals.
  • Use concise, unambiguous sentences, dont write an autobiography!
  • Honesty is always the best policy. You never know what interests / knowledge you interviewer may have to catch you out
  • Bullet points are useful to highlight relevant skills
  • Put you most recent educational achievement first.
  • If you have a Degree is Dentistry there is no need to break your O-Levels / GCSEs down Grade by Grade, an overview is adequate.
  • Put your most recent job first and work backward chronologically in time.
  • Ensure all dates are accurate, be as precise as possible with dates. Using just years gives the impression you have something to hide.
  • Explain any long career gaps (i.e. travelling, maternity leave etc.), Put them in your Employment History in the date
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